Opal Eskar

Opal Eskar Wants Listeners to Open Their Minds This Summer with New Single


Philly band Opal Eskar (Chet Delcampo, Karl Blau, Heyward Howkins) have released their new single, “Open Mind,” off their debut EP, Opal Eskar. After relocating from Washington to Philadelphia, Blau met Howkins and Delcampo, and the trio formed Opal Eskar.

After releasing their debut single, “Sunlight is Breakin’ Out,” the band teamed up with Philly musicians Robbie Bennett and Charlie Hall of The War on Drugs for fresh tracks. Of their latest single, “Open Mind,” Blau says the song “is a barrage of suggestions on how one could open one’s mind.”

For the accompanying music video, Blau explains how they were “shooting for imagery to suggest possible approaches to keep an open mind and strive towards more non-judgemental views and understanding.” [sic]. Their debut EP, Opal Eskar, is out now on Spiral Valley Records.

*Cover photo by Mecky Elvita, courtesy of Fanatic Promotion. 

*Download/purchase Opal Eskar here!

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