The Side Eyes

The Side Eyes Serve Up a Slice of Attitude with New Album, “What’s Your Problem?”


Los Angeles hardcore punk band, The Side Eyes are back after their debut release The Side Eyes (2017) and they have done everything but chill. These SoCal punks are raging full speed ahead with their new album, What’s Your Problem? 

Astrid MacDonald (vocals) completes the band’s fiery sound with her super-charged vocal rage. Don’t let that sweet Cali girl look deceive you–this Cher isn’t clueless and she’ll probably kick your teeth in (from one Cali girl with an attitude to another, this is a compliment). Astrid is calling out all the phonies, shit talkers, and “people who are just plain mean” and hanging them out to dry by their fingernails. 

The Side Eyes are a musical throwback to early SoCal bands like Circle Jerks and The Adolescents while the band cites Babes in Toyland as another prime influence. What’s Your Problem? drops June 23rd off In The Red Records. Be sure to pre-order now!

The Side Eyes will also be performing on the following dates:
July 7 – Los Angeles, CA – Zebulon

July 8 – San Clemente, CA – OC Tavern 

More Live shows will be announced soon!

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*Cover photo by Daniel Vargas courtesy of Jo Murray.

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