The Moss

Tyke James, of The Moss, on New Single, Life on the Road & “Keeping Life Spicy”

by Vivian DiSalvo

“I’ve always put everything I could into music,” says Tyke James, lead singer of acclaimed rock band, The Moss. He sits cozied up in his home, presumably somewhere in the mountains, looking jubilant and lively. After passing greetings, he’s ready to dive right into conversation about new music, new sounds, and all kinds of exploration.  

The Moss just released their new single, “The Place That Makes Me Happy,” a lighthearted coming-of-age, indie-rock masterpiece about the constant search for a place that offers fulfillment. James mentions that he has always loved exploring – that he “takes adventure really seriously” – and this song captures just that. For him, “The Place That Makes Me Happy” is really about keeping life exciting. His process for making new music has evolved over the years – while James used to find himself trying to emulate others, he now finds that experimenting and trying new sounds is more fulfilling. It’s evident that James has grown as an artist and is more connected to music than when he started. James says sometimes he has “things to express that I haven’t had the words to do,” [sic] and music helps to fill in those gaps.  

With the release of their newest single, The Moss is about to head out on tour. Known for tailoring each show special for their fans; James says that their performances are “authentic to each show and each night.” Equipped with an explosive sound, as well as a dazzling stage presence, The Moss keeps audiences enticed throughout the entire show. 

“Something so cool about working with other people is you start to kind of develop a language,” James says, explaining that sometimes they [the band members] look at each other and know what the other is thinking, creating “magic moments from the show.” 

While performing is fun for James, he finds that the real treasure of touring is getting to see the world. Traveling with his friends is something so special to him – he says they’ve started to develop a “brotherhood.” Growing up with three sisters, he enjoys that they have time on tour to “just be boys.” From the fun on stage to the fun behind the scenes, James is looking forward to their upcoming tour.

“I didn’t love all of the music we’ve made,” James says, but the true mark of growth and emotional intelligence is that he’s “proud that I did it anyway.” James acknowledges that he was doing his best when he was younger, and he finds comfort in that. James also finds that music and growth have a “symbiotic” relationship – one cannot exist without the other. His constant strive to grow and improve is admirable; as The Moss grows as a band, James stays grounded in himself. He–and The Moss– are going places.

From his down-to-earth mindset to his proudly positive outlook on life, Tyke James is both an authentic soul and a charming musician. His love for adventure continues to take him to new places; he is just focused on the road in front of him, no matter where it leads. 

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*Cover photo by Shervin Lainez

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