Brunch With Rosie

Hometown Band, Brunch With Rosie, Takes Alabama by Storm

By Molly Reeves 

What do you get when three college students share a similar taste in music? You start a band. Based in Auburn, Alabama, Brunch With Rosie is an upbeat indie-funk band of friends Hunter Price, Issac Hayes, and John Evans. Meeting through Auburn Commercial Music Ensemble, the trio instantly garnered a tight friendship. Brunch With Rosie started performing together in 2022, originally writing music for Sonic Nation, Auburn University’s music ensemble. The band then decided to start writing original music and played their first show in June that same year. Performing all around Auburn, Alabama, and Georgia, Brunch With Rosie has made quite a name for themselves. They were featured on the Talk of Alabama News in May of 2023, where they played their single, “44,” off of their EP, Chasing Shadows.

Before releasing their debut EP, Brunch With Rosie prioritized getting the band’s name out there. Performing around Auburn helped build a following consisting of their peers. Their audience found it easy to listen and resonate because Brunch With Rosie was just like them: students, young adults, and hard-working guys who wanted to make their dreams come true. The band showed you can go to school but chase your dreams and that anything is possible. Brunch With Rosie sticks out because of their unique sound and style. The band has an indie vibe with hints of pop and funk; they are sure to grab your attention.

Even though the guys of Brunch With Rosie have graduated from Auburn University, they are in no hurry to stop playing together. The band can now focus solely on making music. As they continue writing and recording, Brunch With Rosie hopes to tour the country, playing music and gaining more of a following. They have played at the Aub Fest music festival, dive bars, and college parties, but they aim for something bigger. If you want to root for the home team with an indie-funk vibe, stream Brunch With Rosie and check them out! 

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*Cover photo by Dylan Basden, courtesy of Brunch With Rosie.

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