TikToker Turned Pop Star: 5 TikTok Artists That Are On The Rise

by Molly Reeves

Getting your start in music through TikTok is becoming the norm. There are many TikTok creators on the platform who have made a name for themselves in the music industry, such as Nessa Barrett. In the United States, 86.9 million people use TikTok, that’s more users than Twitter, with 77 million. If you’re wanting to get your name out there, you know what app to use. Here are five TikTok artists that are on the rise that are putting a dent in the music industry.

Nessa Barrett

Nessa Barrett is from New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles in 2020. She began making silly TikToks in her childhood bedroom before she started to post herself singing, which garnered attention. After moving to Los Angeles, she released her debut single, “Pain,” which became wildly popular on the app. Barrett got her big break in 2021 with the release of the single “La Di Die,” featuring fellow TikTok music star, Jaden Hossler. “La Di Die” put Barrett on the map, leading to her performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and the Ellen DeGeneres show. After the release of “La Di Die,” Barrett released her first EP, Pretty Poison, followed by her debut album, Young Forever. Nessa Barrett is a force to be reckoned with and she’s just getting started! 

Jaden Hossler (aka Jxdn)

Jaden Hossler/Jxdn at The Paramount, Photo by Anna Boylan, courtesy of Anna Boylan (March 2023)

Like Barrett, Jaden Hossler (formerly Jxdn) got his start making fun videos on TikTok but then discovered he had a real talent for music. He began posting videos of himself singing before releasing his debut single, “So What.” Hossler teamed up with fellow TikToker Nessa Barrett to sing the viral song “La Di Die.” After the success of “La Di Die,” Hossler went on to release his debut album, Tell Me About Tomorrow (2021). Hossler is still working on music and has begun a close working relationship with Blink-182’s drummer, Travis Barker. They have become good friends in the process, with Hossler saying, “Travis really stepped in, in a way that I needed.” [sic].

Dixie D’Amelio

Dixie D’Ameilo by Ron Adar

Dixie D’Ameilo is another case of TikTok turned global superstar. Her sister, Charli, is the most followed user on TikTok, making them a famous family. Having 57.1 million followers, D’Ameilo released her debut single, “Be Happy,” in 2020, which currently has over 86 million streams. In 2021, she signed a record deal with HITCO and has since collaborated with Wiz Khalifa and Demi Lovato. D’Amelio then released her debut album, A Letter To Me (2022) and has opened for Big Time Rush.

Tayler Holder

Taylor Holder, photo by Brian Doherty

Of these five TikTok artist on the rise, Tayler Holder is as rare as they come. Like all the artists on this list, he started on TikTok just messing around and posting randomly. Holder started a music career leaning towards pop before rebranding himself as a country artist. Holder has released multiple singles but has yet to release an album. His songs talk about love, life in the South, and just having a good time. 


Chase Hudson by Kathy Hutchins

Chase Hudson (aka Huddy) has made quite the stir on TikTok with his pop-punk style music. Huddy is a pop-punk singer who writes catchy lyrics about his life growing up in California, his feelings, struggles with depression, anxiety, and relationships. Being one of the biggest heartthrobs on TikTok, Huddy is one of the most followed accounts on the platform, with over 31 million followers. In December 2020, he signed with Interscope Records and released his debut single, “21st Century Vampire.” His debut album, Teenage Heartbreak (2021), was a commercial success and features Blink-182’s drummer, Travis Barker. 

Overall, TikTok is a great way to build your fanbase. These artists know how to work hard and are ready for the next step in their careers. The music industry is ever-changing, and seeing these five TikTok artists on the rise with their unique sounds makes the future of TikTok musicians bright.

*Cover photo by Anna Boylan, Courtesy of Anna Boylan.

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