Gracie Abrams: The Next Pop Princess

Advertisements “I want to do this forever,” Abrams commented about making music. Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and daughter of film director J.J Abrams, Gracie Abrams, was primarily unknown before she got to open for Taylor Swift on The Eras Tour. In 2019, Abrams began uploading videos of her original songs and covers on social media, where she gained a following.  Because of her social media presence and heartfelt lyrics, Interscope Records took an interest in her, and she released her debut EP, Minor, in July 2020. “I Miss You, I’m Sorry,” a single off of Minor, became a fan favorite, followed … Continue reading Gracie Abrams: The Next Pop Princess

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is Changing the Future of Concerts

Advertisements If there was any doubt that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour would have a lasting impact on the music industry, it was squashed by the record-breaking number of fans lined up anxiously on Ticketmaster last November, hoping to get their hands on a highly sought-after ticket. Fans of country, pop, or indie alike can find something to love in Swift’s collection. The resulting battle for a limited number of tickets had eyes on her worldwide. Immediately, the tour impacted culture in a way no other tour possibly could. Ticket sales were the first of many records broken, as multiple stadiums … Continue reading Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is Changing the Future of Concerts

Sof is Finally at Peace with “Ataraxia”

Advertisements by Amaris Pollinger East coast pop sensation Sof has released her birthday single, “Ataraxia” as a present to her fans. Written by Sof and produced by collaborator/bestie Russell Hayden, “Ataraxia” is an upbeat funk-dance track that exudes summer empowerment. The single follows the release of “Gemini Moon,” an open letter love song to the stars (seriously if you’re into astrology, that song’s all you). “Gemini Moon” followed Sof’s disco break-up track, “Limerence,” which explored heartache through optimistic pop beats and neon lighting.  As per her trademark, “Ataraxia” (defined as “a state of serene calmness,”) tells a larger story that is complete … Continue reading Sof is Finally at Peace with “Ataraxia”

Getting to Know Ladi Rosa

Advertisements by BLOCK THE NOISE! Staff Seventeen-year-old Latina singer, Ladi Rosa does not mince words. Her answers are direct and pointed. Hailing from Connecticut and raised in Florida, the Puerto Rican artist made waves in 2020 with her debut single, “I Ain’t No Taylor Swift.” The track topped the Billboard Breakout charts at #1, #49 for chart debut, and #21 for a record 19 weeks, a surprising event in the life of this blossoming Latin-pop singer.  “I Ain’t No Taylor Swift,” the message of which is less about dissin’ Taylor Swift and more about embracing yourself, was followed by “Dull” … Continue reading Getting to Know Ladi Rosa

Sof Releases New Single, “Limerence”

Advertisements East Coast pop sensation, Sof, has released her latest single, “Limerence” following the release of her debut EP, Dawn (2022). Since her cover of “Criminal” by Britney Spears went viral, Sof has garnered a lot of buzz. Her EP Dawn, released in January of this year, solidified her place in the pop genre while demonstrating her ability to capture a moment in time.   Sof’s previous work has put a spotlight on critical issues like mental health and personal growth. But with “Limerence,” she dives headfirst into heartache. According to a press statement, Sof says “Limerence” is about how “sometimes … Continue reading Sof Releases New Single, “Limerence”