Hometown Band, Brunch With Rosie, Takes Alabama by Storm

By Molly Reeves  What do you get when three college students share a similar taste in music? You start a band. Based in Auburn, Alabama, Brunch With Rosie is an upbeat indie-funk band of friends Hunter Price, Issac Hayes, and John Evans. Meeting through Auburn Commercial Music Ensemble, the trio instantly garnered a tight friendship. Brunch With Rosie started performing together in 2022, originally writing music for Sonic Nation, Auburn University’s music ensemble. The band then decided to start writing original music and played their first show in June that same year. Performing all around Auburn, Alabama, and Georgia, Brunch … Continue reading Hometown Band, Brunch With Rosie, Takes Alabama by Storm

The Sound, Spirit, & Edutainment of Sihasin

“These are rez dogs,” Clayson Benally is surrounded by puppies, who are bouncing excitedly at his feet. The Arizonian landscape behind him shows an azure horizon that stretches for miles. Before long, his sister and lifelong bandmate, Jeneda Benally, arrives on schedule. Jeneda & Clayson Benally have quite the resume. Together with their brother Klee, they formed the punk rock trio, Blackfire, protested (and sued) the federal government, and balanced their Ramones albums with the traditional Diné songs told to them by their father. In fact, their star power runs in the family. Their mother/momager Berta Benally was a folk … Continue reading The Sound, Spirit, & Edutainment of Sihasin