Fuckleberry Hinn’s New Single, ‘Nobody,’ Out Now!

Advertisements Norway’s Fuckleberry Hinn released their new single, “Nobody,” today off their upcoming album, Neither/Nor, on Wonderful and Strange Records. Their long-awaited debut will be released on September 1st, 2023.  Fuckleberry Hinn, consisting of Oystein Megard (of The Sideways, The High Water Marks), Oystein Ulvand, Tord Nyheim Hovde, Lâche (bass), Ole Jorgen Kristensen (earth moon transit) (guitar), and Hallvard Loberg Näsvall (This Daze, Släppy) (drums); never had any true direction musically. Thus, they “decided to do whatever” they wanted. The result is a creative sprawl of a 22-track debut that varies in musical styles. Though unplanned, the album lends itself … Continue reading Fuckleberry Hinn’s New Single, ‘Nobody,’ Out Now!