Barbie Changed the World…And so Did Her Soundtrack!

Advertisements By Vivian DiSalvo The latest and powerful feminist film Barbie has connected with fans of all ages and genders all over the country. Coupled with a smash-hit soundtrack, it’s easy to see how the film has received high praise. Let’s dive into what makes this soundtrack so unique.  Boundless Barbie The most unique aspect of this soundtrack is that it is boundless – it is not tied down to any genre or style of lyricism. While Lizzo’s song “Pink,” featured at the beginning of the movie, is bright, bubbly, and satirical, GAYLE’s “butterflies” has more of an alternative rock … Continue reading Barbie Changed the World…And so Did Her Soundtrack!

Ava Breeze Has Something to Say About “Young Love”

Advertisements By Amaris Pollinger Ava Breeze is the busiest teenager I’ve ever known. The New Jersey singer/actress/influencer divides her time between Los Angeles and New York while running Ava’s Advocacy Army, an anti-bullying non-for-profit, and still manages to have a “normal” teenage life. The teenager is best known for her previously released singles, “Girls of Summer,” “Floor is Lava,” and “Young Love.” Her latest track, “Who Are You,” hit streaming platforms on June 24th.  Another single, “Cotton Candy Skies” followed shortly after. Ava also stars as Judith in the mini-series, Irreverend. “It’s been an incredible time for creativity and writing,” … Continue reading Ava Breeze Has Something to Say About “Young Love”

Mistine Takes Us on a Drive with “Temporary Feeling”

Advertisements by Amaris Pollinger Before Mistine chose music indefinitely, she considered studying biochemistry at the University of Vermont. Fascinated by having the ability to help people control their breathing and alter their state of mind, she planned on being an anesthesiologist. “I really just wanted to help people, to care for them,” Mistine says. Instead, the Vermont log-cabin-born musician chose music over medicine. She studied at USC’s Thorton School of Music and transferred that same empathy into her songs. Mistine has since toured with the likes of Conan Gray, WizTheMC, and ZEPH. At present, Mistine is experiencing a strange, chaotic shift in her … Continue reading Mistine Takes Us on a Drive with “Temporary Feeling”

Getting to Know Ladi Rosa

Advertisements by BLOCK THE NOISE! Staff Seventeen-year-old Latina singer, Ladi Rosa does not mince words. Her answers are direct and pointed. Hailing from Connecticut and raised in Florida, the Puerto Rican artist made waves in 2020 with her debut single, “I Ain’t No Taylor Swift.” The track topped the Billboard Breakout charts at #1, #49 for chart debut, and #21 for a record 19 weeks, a surprising event in the life of this blossoming Latin-pop singer.  “I Ain’t No Taylor Swift,” the message of which is less about dissin’ Taylor Swift and more about embracing yourself, was followed by “Dull” … Continue reading Getting to Know Ladi Rosa

Sof Being Aggressively Optimistic is Everything We Like

Advertisements By Amaris Pollinger Alt-pop musician Sofia Khorosh, aka Sof, is preparing to move. Her bedroom is crammed with boxes, folded clothes that don’t have a place, and an oversized mirror that is her prize possession, looming over her in the background. It’s almost larger than the wall it leans on, and she has no idea how she will transport it. “But someone has done it before, right?” The New Jersey singer laughs.  After dropping her latest single, “Limerence,” and announcing her next EP, Dusk, the release date of which is to be determined, Sof is also uncovering new aspects of herself, … Continue reading Sof Being Aggressively Optimistic is Everything We Like

nothing, nowhere Handles Anxiety with Grace in “MEMORY_FRACTURE”

Advertisements By Amaris Pollinger Joseph Mulherin, better known by his stage name, nothing, nowhere, started as all good things do; in the shadows. Blending elements of pop, hip hop, rap, emo, and trap beats, Mulherin sparked the hearts of fans before he ever made it into the mainstream. He released his first album as nothing, nowhere, The Nothing in 2015 on Bandcamp. By 2017, The New York Times had hailed his mainstream debut, Reaper, “the most promising album of the year,” and in 2018, Mulherin officially signed with the label Fueled By Ramen.   Released on April 19th, “MEMORY_FRACTURE” is the … Continue reading nothing, nowhere Handles Anxiety with Grace in “MEMORY_FRACTURE”

Radkey: A Whole New Class of Modern Rock

Advertisements by Amaris Pollinger No one has executed modern rock as flawlessly as Dee, Isaiah, and Solomon Radke of Kansas City rock band, Radkey. They emerged from a literal green room and propelled themselves onto the big stage, performing with Fishbone, Foo Fighters, and Local H. Currently, they’re on the “Let the Bad Times Roll” tour with 90’s punk legends, The Offspring.  Just days before hitting the pavement with The Offspring, the Radkey team arranged an interview, for which I am eternally grateful. Isaiah Radke, the bass master, and usual Radkey spokesman joined me on 4/20 (make all the jokes … Continue reading Radkey: A Whole New Class of Modern Rock

Jackie June Blocks Out the Noise with “Falling Apart”

Advertisements By Amaris Pollinger Think of a time when you felt out of place. You tried everything and anything to melt into the background with everyone else, but they pushed you out. You desperately tried not to be an inconvenience, but no matter what, someone was, or is, uncomfortable with you. It could be anything. Your looks, your body type, your sexuality, gender. Overcoming that feeling is what Jackie June’s new single, “Falling Apart,” is all about. When June sent me “Falling Apart,” I was in the midst of, well, falling apart.. I was questioning my worth and what I’d … Continue reading Jackie June Blocks Out the Noise with “Falling Apart”