Killinginthekitchen Sings What We Struggle To Say

Advertisements by Phoebe D. Renje The name killinginthekitchen may seem odd, but for Lex, it invokes a different story: an inside family joke that became their stage name. Lex devoted their time to music under the name Killinginthekitchen, fast becoming a local headliner across the Orlando area. With their latest single, Lex explores the internal struggle plagues many young adults: “What is my purpose?” They write about this internal conflict in their latest release, “Save My Place.”  “I wanted to write about how I’m feeling in the present moment,” Lex says of their latest single. Their debut album, Actions Speak … Continue reading Killinginthekitchen Sings What We Struggle To Say

Journey Skye Makes Promising Debut with “Love Me”

Advertisements by Caitlyn Tarney Journey Skye makes the best out of a bad situation, as a cheating boyfriend leads her to a new best friend and the release of her first single, “Love Me,” which has been a long time coming. The LA-born artist has been around music her entire life. Being surrounded by artists inspired her to music go. Certainly not new to the scene, Skye has never had the chance to focus on music until now. “Love Me” tells the true story of Skye’s boyfriend, also known as artist Miki’s boyfriend. “We had no idea until I asked … Continue reading Journey Skye Makes Promising Debut with “Love Me”

Gracie Abrams: The Next Pop Princess

Advertisements “I want to do this forever,” Abrams commented about making music. Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and daughter of film director J.J Abrams, Gracie Abrams, was primarily unknown before she got to open for Taylor Swift on The Eras Tour. In 2019, Abrams began uploading videos of her original songs and covers on social media, where she gained a following.  Because of her social media presence and heartfelt lyrics, Interscope Records took an interest in her, and she released her debut EP, Minor, in July 2020. “I Miss You, I’m Sorry,” a single off of Minor, became a fan favorite, followed … Continue reading Gracie Abrams: The Next Pop Princess

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is Changing the Future of Concerts

Advertisements If there was any doubt that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour would have a lasting impact on the music industry, it was squashed by the record-breaking number of fans lined up anxiously on Ticketmaster last November, hoping to get their hands on a highly sought-after ticket. Fans of country, pop, or indie alike can find something to love in Swift’s collection. The resulting battle for a limited number of tickets had eyes on her worldwide. Immediately, the tour impacted culture in a way no other tour possibly could. Ticket sales were the first of many records broken, as multiple stadiums … Continue reading Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is Changing the Future of Concerts

Taylor Swift May be “Cryptic and Machiavellian,” But the Swifties are Clever Too

Advertisements by Vivian DiSalvo On August 9th, Taylor Swift announced that 1989 (Taylor’s Version) would be coming on October 27th, and many fans weren’t shocked to hear it. How did Swifties know Swift was going to announce her new re-recording? From new tour outfits to hidden music video Easter eggs, here’s how fans all over the country saw it coming. The Elevator Theory The clue that first got fans speculating was featured in Taylor Swift’s “Bejeweled” music video, which premiered in October 2022. The video features a scene in which Swift rides on an elevator – an elevator in which … Continue reading Taylor Swift May be “Cryptic and Machiavellian,” But the Swifties are Clever Too

Sof’s New Savage Track is the Diss Track of the Summer

Advertisements East Coast pop sensation, Sof drops her single “Buh-Bye!” today! This is the singer’s first single of the year since the release of “Ataraxia” in 2022.  “Buh-Bye!” is a diss track dedicated to fukbois everywhere; particularly slimy dudes attempting to take advantage of their female friendships. Inspired by a personal experience Sof recently endured, “Buh-Bye!” is something most women—or people—can relate to; when you realize your friend isn’t really your friend, but a snake wielding some ulterior motive (and they don’t care about your boundaries, let alone anyone else’s). “Buh-Bye!” is a lesson in one simple fact: just because … Continue reading Sof’s New Savage Track is the Diss Track of the Summer

The Sound, Spirit, & Edutainment of Sihasin

Advertisements “These are rez dogs,” Clayson Benally is surrounded by puppies, who are bouncing excitedly at his feet. The Arizonian landscape behind him shows an azure horizon that stretches for miles. Before long, his sister and lifelong bandmate, Jeneda Benally, arrives on schedule. Jeneda & Clayson Benally have quite the resume. Together with their brother Klee, they formed the punk rock trio, Blackfire, protested (and sued) the federal government, and balanced their Ramones albums with the traditional Diné songs told to them by their father. In fact, their star power runs in the family. Their mother/momager Berta Benally was a … Continue reading The Sound, Spirit, & Edutainment of Sihasin

Keeping Up with Kayden

Advertisements “I’ve been surrounded by horses my entire life.” Kayden Muller-Janssen (or simply, Kayden) grew up on a horse farm in Florida. The Disney actress/singer-songwriter is the bubbly personality behind Hartley, the equally charming neighbor in the Disney comedy The Villains of Valley View. Kayden has much in common with her on-screen persona, especially her bubbly personality. With the release of her latest singles, “No Maybe” and “Crave,” Kayden is pumped for the release of her debut EP, Unraveled—and the second season of The Villains of Valley View. This isn’t an act—Kayden really is this excited.   “I’ve always been really bubbly … Continue reading Keeping Up with Kayden

Kate Dressed Up Delivers a Folkloric Dream with ‘In Another Lifetime’

Advertisements When you listen to In Another Lifetime by NJ rock-folk band, Kate Dressed Up, you are transported to a space of storied wonder and ethereal expansion. Intended as a concept album inspired by The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the anticipated timeline for In Another Lifetime was pushed back due to the pandemic. During that time, frontwoman Katie Miller found that the album had taken on new meaning. What Miller did not expect was that she had more to say beyond the themes found in Antoine’s philosophical children’s book.   Never being the sort of songwriter who chooses when … Continue reading Kate Dressed Up Delivers a Folkloric Dream with ‘In Another Lifetime’

The Uneasy Gets Real About Overcoming Addiction & Healing Through Music

Advertisements By Amaris Pollinger East coast progressive rock band, The Uneasy, has a logo that might look familiar to some. It’s a clash of three swords stabbed into a heart and sporting an eye. The Three of Swords is a tarot card whose symbology resonated with The Uneasy’s singer/songwriter/ founding member, Emily Jean. Like all tarot cards, The Three of Swords has a double meaning. Right side up, it represents heartache, loneliness, depression, separation, confusion, ill-health, trauma, and alienation. Reversed, the card is representative of compromise, forgiveness, overcoming grief and sorrow, and reconciliation. The card inspired Emily Jean to press … Continue reading The Uneasy Gets Real About Overcoming Addiction & Healing Through Music