Journey Skye Makes Promising Debut with “Love Me”


by Caitlyn Tarney

Journey Skye makes the best out of a bad situation, as a cheating boyfriend leads her to a new best friend and the release of her first single, “Love Me,” which has been a long time coming. The LA-born artist has been around music her entire life. Being surrounded by artists inspired her to music go. Certainly not new to the scene, Skye has never had the chance to focus on music until now.

“Love Me” tells the true story of Skye’s boyfriend, also known as artist Miki’s boyfriend. “We had no idea until I asked her to dinner one day,” Skye explains. “We got to talking, one of us brought up this guy, and we made the connection.” From there, the similarities in the two relationships were impossible to ignore. “On Valentine’s Day, I was with him at the beginning of the day,” Skye says. “He dropped me off, picked her up, and gave her the same gift. He was trying to be sneaky and it didn’t work out for him,” she laughs.

Skye and Miki saw the opportunity to turn their situation into art, and tried to make the accompanying music video “as close as possible to the true story.” The video shows the two girls coming together after their parallel inattentive relationships. As in real life, the video ends with the girls becoming best friends and embracing their new single lifestyle.

Journey Skye emphasizes that although her first single was a collaboration with Miki, she has big plans for her solo music. She and Miki look forward to performing together, and Skye talks about her hopes for a future EP or album featuring them both on every song. However, she is also excited to explore her independent music career. Her next single, “Let Me Know” is set to release Nov. 3. “It’s something I’ve been working on for a while, and I’m very excited to release it,” Skye says. She also aims to release an EP by the end of this year. 

After working on music her whole life as a passion project, Skye hopes to build a career through her music. Currently, she is learning to balance her music with life. “Music is a way I get to express myself that doesn’t involve my education,” she explains. “So it’s a nice hobby to get away from my everyday life like work and school. If I had to choose anything to do [as a career], it would definitely be music.” 

Taking inspiration from artists like Kendrick Lamar, Skye wants listeners to know that everything she writes about is intentional. Although she notes the difference between her own music and a rapper like Lamar, she admires the type of music that can be meaningful while exploring different styles and genres. She aims to do similar work in her own career, exploring the hip-hop genre while writing about only what’s important to her. “All the words I write do have meaning,” she says, “and I really hope that people can see that and relate in some way.” Skye has a lot to look forward to, and would love listeners to go on the journey with her.

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*Cover photo by William Ensley, courtest of Journey Skye.

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