The Chapin Sisters Lingering Single,’ All Through the Night’ Out Now

By Caitlyn Tarney

The Chapin Sisters have released their newest single, “All Through the Night,” on Lake Bottom Records. Folk duo Abigail and Lily Chapin made their musical debut with their EP, The Chapin Sisters (2005). After consistent releases, The Chapin Sisters returned to the scene with this year’s “Bergen Street,” followed by “All Through the Night.”

The duo, originally from Brooklyn, N.Y., feel a strong connection to their hometown. After a move to the valley, “Bergen Street” tells of Lily’s wistful departure from the city. “All Through the Night” follows up by expanding on the sisters’ choice to move to a rural life. 

Abigail Chapin never intended for “All Through the Night” to be released by the Chapin Sisters. She explains that she “originally wrote ‘All Through the Night’ as a lullaby when [her] oldest kid was a baby.” It wasn’t until the sisters added the work of Rusty Santos and Noah Kittinger that the song became “more of an anthem than a lullaby.”

“When you take a closer listen, you can hear why it has become an anthem,” says KCRW. The captivating chorus demands to be repeated. Abigail admits that there was always potential for the song, as she never wrote it down. “When you remember the lyrics and tune of a song that’s never written down, then there is something there,” she says. 

  “All Through The Night,” the latest single (and first lullaby) by The Chapin Sisters is out now via Lake Bottom Records.

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*Cover photo by Adam Goldberg, courtesy of Fanatic Promotions.

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