Frankie Soleil

Rock Is Not Dead & Frankie Soleil is Here to Prove It 

by Caitlyn Tarney

Frankie Soleil is no longer sorry for making a mark in Columbus, Ohio. The alt-rock band, named after the singer, consists of Soleil, guitarist Bryan Ream, and drummer Mark Fullen, who have spent the last year playing shows around Ohio. Their music has reached all the way across the country and has even attracted listeners as far as England. Frankie Soleil is making a name for themselves, and you don’t want to miss them!

Making their musical debut with more of an indie sound, Frankie Soleil has since moved into the edgier style inspired by influences like Johnny Cash, The Grateful Dead, and Dropkick Murphys. Their flip to rock is reflected in their first full EP Did I Dissociate? (2022), which follows Soleil on a journey to being unapologetically herself and overcoming the challenges of womanhood. Anyone who has ever dealt with anxiety, loneliness, or a partner who loves to talk but refuses to listen will find something to relate to in this EP. Introducing themselves to the world of rock with their single “Colors” proved to be the right choice, as it quickly became a hit. The track list transitions into the commanding “Stop Talking,” a song about being a woman in a male-dominated world, and in which Soleil takes back her power. The message carries through to the next track, “Skins,” which discusses the strength of words and Soleil’s refusal to let them weigh her down. Even as Soleil sings of her battle against these issues, she isn’t afraid to be open about the anxiety she deals with in the track of the same name, which tells of her nights spent lying awake. 

Did I Dissociate? comes to a dramatic end with the closing track, “I Don’t Blame You,”  with a soft guitar intro, the song launches into a story beginning with Soleil’s childhood. The full EP leaves no room for doubt: Frankie Soleil is here to send a message. Not only is Did I Dissociate? filled with songs you can dance and sing along to, Soleil’s songs mean something to them, and it’s important that their audience relates.

In the past year, Soleil has taken Did I Dissociate? on the road. Recently, Frankie Soleil played at the Donato’s Basement in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio, earlier this year. This show put the band in front of a crowd that resonates with their music just as much as they do. Soleil does not disappoint in her vocal performance as she sings the crowds’ favorites. The band is not finished releasing music either, as they debuted a new single, “Not Sorry,” last September, a song inspired by a fight with an ex-boyfriend of Soleil’s, whose one goal was to capture her anger. Showing off the band’s most rock sound yet, “Not Sorry” was an immediate success, and it became one of Soleil’s favorites to play. 

Fans of “Not Sorry” have a lot to look forward to as Frankie Soleil teases the sound of their upcoming releases. The band plans to head into the studio this year to work on their next project, which sticks to the mix of 90s grunge and early 2000s alt-rock synonymous with “Not Sorry.” Along with the anger they refuse to ignore, Frankie Soleil cares about the subjects they tackle in their songs. The passion Soleil puts into their lyrics is what sets them apart from others. If you relate to any of their songs, you’re guaranteed to find something you love in the band’s collection.

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*Cover photo by Chandler Moyer

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