Gracie Abrams

Gracie Abrams: The Next Pop Princess


by Molly Reeves

“I want to do this forever,” Abrams commented about making music. Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and daughter of film director J.J Abrams, Gracie Abrams, was primarily unknown before she got to open for Taylor Swift on The Eras Tour. In 2019, Abrams began uploading videos of her original songs and covers on social media, where she gained a following. 

Because of her social media presence and heartfelt lyrics, Interscope Records took an interest in her, and she released her debut EP, Minor, in July 2020. “I Miss You, I’m Sorry,” a single off of Minor, became a fan favorite, followed by her second single, “21.” Following the release of Minor, Abrams went on tour in North America and the United Kingdom. She then released her second EP, This Is What It Feels Like, in November 2021. On her autobiographical indie-pop EPs, Gracie Abrams sings about heartbreak, friendships, and personal growth. But her debut album, Good Riddance (2023), shot Abrams to the next level of fame. Good Riddance became a commercial success, with Abrams working alongside  Aaron Dessener (The National), with fans celebrating this collaboration. Gracie Abrams continued to write heartfelt, meaningful lyrics, and fans loved how vulnerable Abrams appeared on Good Riddance. 

When news came that Gracie Abrams was opening for Taylor Swift on the Eras Tour, Swifties flocked to listen to Abrams. Together, the two sang Gracie Abrams’ debut single, ‘“I Miss You I’m Sorry,” live, making the song viral a second time and making Gracie Abrams an even bigger name. She is certainly an artist to watch!  If you want an alternative sound with heartfelt lyrics, listen to Gracie Abrams and catch her on The Eras Tour! 

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*Cover photo by Danielle Neu

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