Barbie Changed the World…And so Did Her Soundtrack!


By Vivian DiSalvo

The latest and powerful feminist film Barbie has connected with fans of all ages and genders all over the country. Coupled with a smash-hit soundtrack, it’s easy to see how the film has received high praise. Let’s dive into what makes this soundtrack so unique. 

Boundless Barbie

The most unique aspect of this soundtrack is that it is boundless – it is not tied down to any genre or style of lyricism. While Lizzo’s song “Pink,” featured at the beginning of the movie, is bright, bubbly, and satirical, GAYLE’s “butterflies” has more of an alternative rock sound. Whereas Charlie XCX’s “Speed Drive” is now a pop anthem, Dominic Fike’s “Hey Blondie” is much slower and acoustic. Not only does this make the soundtrack appealing to all audiences, it unintentionally gives new meaning to the Barbie movie. The soundtrack’s diversity emphasizes Barbie’s diversity: while Barbie herself has no bounds and famously “can do anything,” this soundtrack also has no bounds. Barbie holds many careers, just like this soundtrack holds many genres.

Artists of All Kinds

Moreover, the soundtrack is star-studded with various artists and musicians. It features all kinds of talent, from Grammy award winner and pop phenomenon Dua Lipa to acclaimed Latin rap artist Karol G. The soundtrack also features Euphoria star and famous musician Dominic Fike, as well as iHeartRadio Titanium Award recipient Ava Max. Praised artists such as PinkPantheress, Ice Spice, Khalid, and The Kid LAROI, and even features a song sung by the cast’s own Ryan Gosling (Ken)! This album is jam-packed with all kinds of phenomenal artists, making it exceptionally unrivaled.

Unparalleled Emotion

Another aspect that makes this soundtrack so powerful is the emotion it evokes. Many fans have related to Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?” and have used the song to share their own experiences or memories of girlhood. This song, tied with the beautiful montage of girlhood featured in the film, evoked so much emotion from women everywhere who miss the innocence and bliss of childhood (before learning that life is not as perfect as it is for Barbie, something the movie emphasizes). Other songs, such as Lizzo’s “Pink (Bad Day)” elicited emotion in a much more positive light – this song has generated laughs from all demographics. 

Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night” is another song that has fans overcome with sentimentality. Fans have shared videos of themselves dancing to this song via TikTok, making it evident that this track has brought about feelings of contentment and joy for many. There’s a reason“Dance the Night” has been featured on Billboard’s top ten! 

Overall, so many people have emotional ties to this movie’s soundtrack. Whether it reminds them of blissful memories of childhood or makes them want to dance, this soundtrack evokes attachment in ways that few other movie soundtracks do. From the star-studded track list to the lack of genre coherency, the Barbie soundtrack is unique and unprecedented. It gives new meaning to the film itself, appealing to many people through its varied genres, and allows fans to feel all kinds of emotions. This soundtrack is so unique and individual, to say the least. Now, if only our world could be more like Barbie’s!

*Cover photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision LAPRESSE

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