Sof Buh-Bye

Sof’s New Savage Track is the Diss Track of the Summer


East Coast pop sensation, Sof drops her single “Buh-Bye!” today! This is the singer’s first single of the year since the release of “Ataraxia” in 2022.  “Buh-Bye!” is a diss track dedicated to fukbois everywhere; particularly slimy dudes attempting to take advantage of their female friendships.

Inspired by a personal experience Sof recently endured, “Buh-Bye!” is something most women—or people—can relate to; when you realize your friend isn’t really your friend, but a snake wielding some ulterior motive (and they don’t care about your boundaries, let alone anyone else’s).

“Buh-Bye!” is a lesson in one simple fact: just because you have a crush on someone doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to anything from that person; including their attention. THEY DON’T OWE YOU ANYTHING, so please, move right tf along.  

Sof’s lyrical reputation of brutal, honest prose is what you can expect to hear in her latest single. “Buh-Bye!” is available now! And don’t worry, Sof is just getting started. 

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*Cover photo by Chris Canberg, courtesy of Sof.


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