The High Water Marks

Hilarie Sidney Returns to the Drums for The High Water Marks’ New Single

Founding member of Elephant 6 Recording Co, Hilarie Sidney, gets behind the drum kit for “Dream Some More,” the latest single by The High Water Marks. The track is off their new upcoming album, Your Next Wolf, out on June 23rd via Minty Fresh Records. 

The new album has elaborate guitar riffs, hard-hitting percussion, and memorable pop tunes, not to mention Sidney’s unmistakable vocals. With Your Next Wolf, the band is more energized and methodical, yet effortlessly cool in their delivery.

“We are really happy with this record,” says Sidney, “and we feel like it has the cohesive sound and flow we are going for.”  Stay tuned for more from The High Water Marks this summer!

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*Cover photo by Amanda Burford, courtesy of Fanatic Promotions

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