J Hacha De Zola

J Hacha De Zola’s “Do You” is the Anti-Love Song of the Summer


“If you’re looking for a heartwarming love song, then you’ve come to the wrong place,” says New Jersey musician J Hacha De Zola of his latest single, Do You. “This one is a straightforward Motown-ish tune with all the amorous feelings of wanting to be loved and desired but also being thoroughly clueless and disconnected from the actual dance,” J continues.  

Do You is equipped with J’s signature, haunting blues and brooding (a compliment, of course). It is a track that begs a response—any response—from a detached lover. Just another prime piece peeled from J Hacha De Zola’s upcoming album, Without a Tribe, out on June 9th. Be on the lookout, you won’t wanna miss it!  

*Cover photo by Adrian Buckmaster, courtesy of Josh Bloom.

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