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“The Art of Darkness: The History of Goth” by John Robb arrives May 16th


Eight years in the making, The Art of Darkness: The History of Goth by John Robb is set for release on May 16th in the United States. The book is an in-depth account of the music, style, culture, and history that made Goth what it is today.  

Beginning (as it often does) in a Goth club, The Art of Darkness is complete with interviews featuring the likes of The Cult, Laibach, The Damned, Nick Cave, Johnny Marr, Bauhaus, Killing Joke, Adam Ant, The Cure, and Einsturzende Neubauten, to name a few. But those who know better know that Goth is so much more than black lipstick. 

Robb takes us past all the “gother than thou” nonsense to explore the social-political conditions that made Goth branch out of the post-punk era. From the fall of the Roman empire to European folktales, the occult, and even (ugh) Instagram influencers. The Art of Darkness: The History of Goth looks at the music, style, politics, and attitudes that defined this legendary subculture that—ironically—refuses to die.  

*You can pre-order The Art of Darkness: The History of Goth here!

John Robb is a seasoned writer, musician, and underground cosmopolitan credited with the term “Brit-pop.” He was the first UK writer to interview Nirvana in the 1990s and founded the UK music site, Louder Than War. Robb has previously published “Punk Rock: An Oral History” and “The North Will Rise Again: Manchester Music City 1976-1996.” 

*Cover photo by John Middleham, courtesy of Jo Murray. 

*Book cover art courtesy of Jo Murray

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