Sof Ataraxia

Sof is Finally at Peace with “Ataraxia”

by Amaris Pollinger

East coast pop sensation Sof has released her birthday single, “Ataraxia” as a present to her fans. Written by Sof and produced by collaborator/bestie Russell Hayden, “Ataraxia” is an upbeat funk-dance track that exudes summer empowerment. The single follows the release of “Gemini Moon,” an open letter love song to the stars (seriously if you’re into astrology, that song’s all you). “Gemini Moon” followed Sof’s disco break-up track, “Limerence,” which explored heartache through optimistic pop beats and neon lighting. 

As per her trademark, “Ataraxia” (defined as “a state of serene calmness,”) tells a larger story that is complete when paired with Sof’s earlier tracks. It is this crafty storytelling that is one of her most endearing attributes as an artist. There’s purity in her no-nonsense lyrics that act as a wake-up call to get your shit together—after you’ve lived in your emotions fully in order to understand them. It’s the only way to obtain any sense of tranquility. And even if we aren’t quite there yet, we can get there just by tuning into this summer chill disco track.  

With “Ataraxia, Sof is finally at peace, coming out of the shadows that are cast by broken hearts and broken dreams. “Ataraxia” focuses on the newness of self, the tranquility that follows when one is whole, and the fading of old wounds that no longer fester. 

Happy Birthday, Sof!

“Ataraxia” is available on all streaming platforms. Catch up with Sof on her website, TikTok, Instagram, & Youtube. Sof will release her second EP, Dusk, by the end of Summer 2022.

*Cover photo courtesy of Sof, taken by Russell Hayden.


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