Ava Breeze Has Something to Say About “Young Love”


By Amaris Pollinger

Ava Breeze is the busiest teenager I’ve ever known. The New Jersey singer/actress/influencer divides her time between Los Angeles and New York while running Ava’s Advocacy Army, an anti-bullying non-for-profit, and still manages to have a “normal” teenage life. The teenager is best known for her previously released singles, “Girls of Summer,” “Floor is Lava,” and “Young Love.” Her latest track, “Who Are You,” hit streaming platforms on June 24th.  Another single, “Cotton Candy Skies” followed shortly after. Ava also stars as Judith in the mini-series, Irreverend.

“It’s been an incredible time for creativity and writing,” says Ava Breeze. “I’ve grown up a lot as a person and I’m looking at everything with fresh eyes.”  

Wise beyond her years, Ava doesn’t act or pretend to be older than she is. The singer credits this to how she was raised—in an honest, no-nonsense family who doesn’t bristle at telling it like it is. 


 “I try to be open-minded and take in every situation I’m presented with,” says the young singer. “I always make sure I’m educated before forming my final opinion. We all grow at our own pace, and I find that so beautiful.”  

“Young Love” was inspired by the fantasy of an idyllic relationship and how that idealism creates fantastical emotions that accelerate the relationship. Ava wanted to capture the essence of what that young, “perfect” love meant to her—while producing a song that adults and teens could relate to. She enlisted the help of a collaborator, friend, and producer, Josh Marsh to effectively capture that youthful passion. 

 “It doesn’t always have to last,” says the teen singer, “It’s the memories that matter.” 

While in New York City for New York Fashion Week, filmmaker A.J. Silva of Redd Legend Media and Ryker Baloun worked with Ava Breeze to bring her love-lore visual to life. Baloun stars as Ava’s love interest in the “Young Love” music video. The release coincided with Valentine’s Day and the team celebrated with NYC style pizza in the shape of a heart.  

Ava Breeze echoes the solemn wisdom found in singers like Lana Del Rey. But Ava’s range of sound is as scattered as the four winds across a desolate landscape. She teases that listeners should expect the unexpected from her, rather than the same formula played over and over again. What we can expect is honesty and vulnerability forged from her soul, into her music.  

“Young Love” isn’t about any specific person, but is a collective of emotions from Ava’s personal memory box. The song is for anyone who chooses to look back on their own young love and recall the butterflies that once fluttered in their hearts.  “I want my listeners to connect with their past,” says Ava. “[to] be able to take away something personal to them.” 

With the release of “Who Are You,” and a number of projects she can’t discuss just yet, Ava Breeze is keeping herself busy.  

“If everything goes as planned, there should be fun things going on all year,” she teases. That includes a potential debut album, though Ava is in no particular rush. Rather, she’s focusing on the quality of her sound so that it’s just right.  

“I just hope more people join me on this journey.”  

After all, you can’t rush a good thing. 

For fans of : Lana Del Rey, Aurora, Billie Eilish

Catch up with Ava Breeze on Instagram and TikTok. Listen to “Young Love” & “Who Are You” available on all streaming platforms. Be sure to support Ava’s Advocacy Army! 

*Cover Photo by Ryan Clemens. Courtesy of Lasting Legacy PR.


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