Getting to Know Ladi Rosa


Seventeen-year-old Latina singer, Ladi Rosa does not mince words. Her answers are direct and pointed. Hailing from Connecticut and raised in Florida, the Puerto Rican artist made waves in 2020 with her debut single, “I Ain’t No Taylor Swift.” The track topped the Billboard Breakout charts at #1, #49 for chart debut, and #21 for a record 19 weeks, a surprising event in the life of this blossoming Latin-pop singer. 

“I Ain’t No Taylor Swift,” the message of which is less about dissin’ Taylor Swift and more about embracing yourself, was followed by “Dull” in February of this year. Ladi Rosa then got to perform her single-girl-power track at the NYCFW in April. Taking a break from her daily life, Ladi Rosa met with me to talk about dull exes, her surprise success, and no, she doesn’t hate T-Swift.

“I Ain’t No Taylor Swift” is about embracing “your own beauty, your imperfections, and being yourself.” What challenges have you faced in the industry that inspired this song? What is the overall message behind it? 

I’ve never really faced any issues. There have never been any obstacles that I’ve encountered…it’s been easy for me, to be honest. Just because there are so many girls like me, [so] it’s easy to connect. A lot of people are like, “hey that makes sense. I agree!” 

The overall message is that everyone should stay true to themselves, stay true to who they are. No one should change. There’s no reason to…but I feel like if you’re going to, make sure it’s a positive change for you. Not for someone else.  


How did it feel when your first single debuted on Billboard Breakout?

It was a shock! I didn’t believe anyone would connect with the song so quickly. I thought it would take time, but it was amazing! I couldn’t have asked for more. It was all I wanted, right there, right in front of me! 

You followed up with “Dull,” a song that is described as “the single girl anthem we all need over the love month [February],” tell us more about the inspiration for “Dull.” 

I’ve been in relationships where it felt like I was the only one putting in all the work and it wasn’t reciprocated. There was just no effort at all. I knew other people would connect with “Dull” because I see it every day! The song is saying, “I want to be with you, but it feels like we’re losing a spark. So, it’s either you fix it or…I’m leaving.” 

What was the creative process behind “Dull”? 

When I wrote the song, I was going through a rough time with my then-boyfriend. “Dull” is kinda how I felt. I understood that I was lacking [in the relationship], but in some ways, he was lacking too. There was just this obstacle we couldn’t overcome. I wrote “Dull” to express those feelings. If something bad happens, it gives me something to sing about. It gives me [the] motivation to create, to connect with other people so that they know they’re not alone.  

Overall, what do you want your listeners to take away from your music? 

I want them to leave my music feeling positive, to enjoy the songs, and to fully process them. Overall, I just want them to enjoy it. 

What’s your advice to all those young girls out there like you? 

Stay true to yourself, always! Even if you know think things might not turn out the best. You need to put yourself first, and stand up for yourself. And I want to thank everyone who follows, loves, and streams my music. It means so much to me! Stay Blessed!

Keep up with Ladi Rosa on Twitter. Stream “Dull” and “I Ain’t No Taylor Swift” on all streaming platforms.  

Cover photo by Marie Lafranque Photography. Courtesy of Lasting Legacy PR.



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