Sof Releases New Single, “Limerence”


East Coast pop sensation, Sof, has released her latest single, “Limerence” following the release of her debut EP, Dawn (2022). Since her cover of “Criminal” by Britney Spears went viral, Sof has garnered a lot of buzz. Her EP Dawn, released in January of this year, solidified her place in the pop genre while demonstrating her ability to capture a moment in time.  

Sof’s previous work has put a spotlight on critical issues like mental health and personal growth. But with “Limerence,” she dives headfirst into heartache. According to a press statement, Sof says “Limerence” is about how “sometimes the way you see a relationship is much different than the way the other person sees it. Someone could be the love of your life and you’re just a chapter in their larger story.” [sic]

“Limerence”— meaning to be “infatuated” or “obsessed with another person”— is a catchy, upbeat melody written by Sof and produced by Russell Hayden. In the song’s accompanying music video, we follow Sof as she dances around an empty roller rink in-between scenes of her rushing through a near-psychedelic arcade. Underneath the lights, air hockey, a disco ball, and platform boots; Sof is telling a story of heartbreak, anguish, and healing. 

 Sure, Sof could have written a somber piano ballad, and I have no doubt that would have been equally moving. But would it have been this fun to sing about a break-up? Hardly. Sof says such a ballad would have been “too easy,” and that she “wanted to dance.” Despairing, introspective, yet fun, dancing through “Limerence” might be the only way to work through your own heartache. 

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*Cover photo courtesy of Sof, taken by Giovanna Crescenzo.


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