Zola Jesus Announces New Album, ‘Arkhon’


Darkwave-art pop singer, Nika Roza Danilova (professionally known as Zola Jesus) announces the release of her new album, Arkhon. The upcoming LP will be the singer’s sixth studio album and is set to release on May 20th.

The accompanying music video for “Lost,” off Arkhon, was released on March 23rd. With “Lost,” Danilova reveals the dark realities of our society that no one is ready to face. Commenting on the song’s message, Danilova says, “Everyone I know is lost,” and “as we stray further from nature, we drift from ourselves.”

The music video for “Lost” was directed by Mu Tunc and filmed in Cappadocia, Turkey. In it, Danilova is a supernatural vision as she wanders through a sparse, then cavernous, landscape. The scene sparks thoughts of lonely planets rather than any place on earth, adding to the track’s otherworldliness.

With “Lost,” Danilova is an ethereal vagabond come to warn us of the doom that lies ahead. She is everything we need in spiritual, natural awareness, and musical philosophy. As always, Danilova, in the form of Zola Jesus, transcends the modern age.

Danilova’s words are not trivial or even vague. They are serious, foreboding, and sorrowful—and if you are actually listening, you should take heed. My only question is, “Is anyone else listening to the importance of this song?”

‘Archon’ arrives on May 20th, 2022. In the meantime, stream “Lost” and follow Zola Jesus on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter. Keep up with her on zolajesus.com.

Cover photo by Shervin Lainez. Courtesy of My World MGMT.

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